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FKA: Laundro-Matic
Genre: Heist, Thriller, Short Film

Logline: When a simple robbery gets complicated, a retiring thief must decide between his oldest friend and the chance at a new life.

Synopsis: Mike, an expectant father, has decided to leave behind his life of crime. He is convinced by his best friend and partner, Aaron, to join him on one last job. They break into a car wash while fighting about Mike’s retirement. When police lights are spotted, Aaron abandons Mike, who then hides in a closet. Aaron soon returns pursued by cops, but Mike refuses to let him in, leaving Aaron to the police. Mike flees with the money, only to be spotted by Aaron, who’s trapped in the police car. Aaron doesn’t snitch, accepting Mike’s choice and Mike disappears into the darkness to embrace his new life.

Themes: Sometimes letting go of the past is the best thing you can do for your future.

Production Design: Working with a $2500 art department budget, I had to create a space that would be viable to both shoot and house a heist. Utilizing two existing businesses and a stage build to create one cohesive location that the film takes place. Builds included an interior office, additional roof elements, and a human-sized duct to be climbed down.
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